Shonaquip provides a number of specialised products, including posture support and mobility devices, therapy equipment, assisted daily living products, communication devices and incontinence products.

Some of the products that Shonaquip provides aim to prevent, correct or delay the development of health complications caused by incorrect positioning. It has been clinically proven that, if a patient uses the correct assistive device from as early as possible, their risk of developing health complications is greatly reduced.

Early intervention with assistive devices may also reduce discomfort, pain, the development of deformities, hospital admissions, the cost of medical care and much more.  

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If you would prefer to have one of the Shonaquip team contact you, please email Shona McDonald on or call +27 (0)21 797 8239. You can also use the contact form on this website.

Please check this page regularly, as Shonaquip has an active design and development team that ensures that new and improved products are added reguarly. Click here to find out more about our product design and development.

Posture Support and Mobility Devices

Therapy Equipment

Assisted Daily Living

Walking Devices (therapeutic)

Height Adjustable Table and Chairs

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